Metamorphosis is a self-healing therapy wherein the practitioner acts as a catalyst to help ease unconscious tension. This tension causes negative behavioral patterns (which may look like stress, anxiety, addictions, pain, lack of self-esteem, or others, in your life.)

After experiencing positive results from Metamorphosis, Tammy took training from Cindy Silverlock (who trained under Robert. St. John, the founder of Metamorphosis), and has added it to her list of services offered.

A session is non invasive, and non analytical.  The practitioner uses light touch on the bony ridges of the head, spine, hands, and feet. It is very soothing, and allows the recipient to stop focusing on what is wrong. The result is: Deeply seeded patterns can change, extreme relaxation, physical tension in head/neck/shoulders/upper back melts away!

The principles of Metamorphosis help you view your issues, past and present relationships in a new light. Understanding that patterns are unconscious and compulsive helps you feel more accepting of yourself and others

“As unconscious tension eases, your emotions come into better balance. The impact of past events and traumas are let go and no longer control your present life.”

“As these patterns let go, we naturally experience greater well being.”

Above quotes from “Metamorphosis: Creating Healthier Relationships & Greater Well-Being” by Cindy Silverlock.

For more info and resources (including free articles):


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