Acupuncture, reflexology, aromatherapy massage, and energy healing in Moncton, NB.

Metamorphic Touch

“Metamorphosis eases unconscious tension which is what creates mental, emotional, physical and behavioral disturbances. As these patterns let go, we naturally experience greater well being. The principles of Metamorphosis help you view your issues, past and present relationships in a new light. Understanding that patterns are unconscious and compulsive helps you feel more accepting of yourself and others”

Metamorphic Touch acts like a catalyst to help let go of this underlying, unconscious tension that causes us to repeat negative behavioral patterns. “As this tension eases you will find that you are able to be the person you want to be  ~  happier, healthier, more in tune and less reactive”

A session is non invasive, and non analytical.  The practitioner uses light touch on the bony ridges of head, spine, hands and feet. It is very soothing, and allows you to stop focusing on what is wrong with you and your life. “As unconscious tension eases , your emotions come into better balance. “The impact of  past events and traumas are let go and no longer control your present life.”

Benefits of these sessions are foremost , that deep seated patterns can change, extremely relaxing, physical tension in head/neck/shoulders/upper back melts away!


Quoted info was taken from Cindy Silverlock’s  book “Metamorphosis” .

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