Meet Tammy

Tammy Taylor is a naturotherapy consultant, Registered Acupuncturist, and a Certified Reflexologist with over 35 years of experience in the healthcare field. She also has received certificates in Mental Health First Aid, Raindrop massage technique, metamorphic touch, reiki, fundamentals of nutrition, foot care, as well as healing, therapeutic, and quantum touch.

Tammy began her journey in the holistic health field due to its success in treating a family member’s illness. This ignited her curiosity and passion to learn more, and to help others heal naturally. She continues to take educational courses to provide clients with optimum care.

Tammy is a member of the Maritime Association of Registered Acupuncturists (MARA), the Alliance Professional of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists (APNN).

4 thoughts on “Meet Tammy

  1. Tammy, I just want to thank you for such a wonderful workshop.
    I felt I healed as well as learned. I look forward to my Raindrop Therapy course with you.
    Continue to do what you do and the world will be a much healthier and peaceful place.

  2. Thank you Denise! Living my passion:)
    Blessed to be in this field, helping/teaching awesome people about natural healing!!

  3. Thank you Tammy for the wonderful Raindrop Therapy session yesterday. It was the first time I’ve ever had one and it was such a great experience. I was stressed when I walked in for the session and when I left, I was a completely different person, full of energy, love and happiness. Had a beautiful sleep last night with lovely dreams and still feeling great today. Looking forward to my next session with you. Thank you!

  4. Always a pleasure to see clients’ stress melt away!

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