True Kindness: Presence Over Presents

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Christmas is almost here and while many people are super excited to be with family, friends and loved ones during this special time, there are many who aren’t feeling the holiday cheer.

These may be people who, for example, suffer from depression; are isolated or live alone; are seniors in special care homes, who don’t get visitors; those who have lost loved ones. For these people, Christmas only heightens their sense of loneliness in the world and getting through the holiday season is almost unbearable. Johnny Reid’s song “All I Want For Christmas” says it all.

A recent post on Facebook said “Above all else, be kind.” That really encapsulates the true meaning of Christmas – to be kind to one another, to give the gift of presence, and look after our fellow human beings on this planet. This holiday season, why not take thirty minutes and go visit a senior care facility? Or how about volunteering at a homeless shelter to prepare a meal for someone less fortunate? Take time to acknowledge someone who is missing their loved one who has died.

This season is not all about the gifts, decorations, pretty paper or bows. Sometimes the gift of a smile or a hug can mean all the difference in the world to someone who’s lonely and sad.

And on that positive note, all of us at A Caring Light would like to wish each and every one of you a truly blessed holiday season. May the gift of kindness be given to all of you!

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