Self Care Still Important During Our Busiest Times

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Self-care is a necessity in today’s busy world. Trying to juggle work, home life, taking care of children or elderly parents, a partner AND the running of a household can totally wear a person down. Add to that, preparing for Christmas this time of year and you have a recipe for major stress.

Imagine yourself as a pitcher of water, and the people you take care of, or help, as empty glasses. You pour of yourself into each empty glass. What is going to happen if you do not take the time to refill the pitcher, to YOU? Sometime you are going to want to pour, of yourself, into an empty glass, to help fill their glass, and you will not have a drop to give.

We often get caught up in the process of being “busy” and we forget how to unwind and to rejuvenate our body, mind, and soul. We NEED to make time everyday for ourselves, even if it’s only half an hour. We NEED to quieten our minds by taking time to read a good book, meditate, take an epsom salt bath with some essential oils, have a massage or reflexology treatment. We DESERVE to feel good instead of always tired and running on empty. After all, how can we be of service to others if we’re exhausted or become sick. The word DISEASE means “Dis-Ease.” If we do not take time to take care of ourselves, to be at EASE, it lowers our immune system, which can lead to illness and/or disease.

This upcoming holiday season, please try and schedule some “me” time on your calendar. It is as important as a doctor’s appointment, and perhaps you wouldn’t need that doctor’s appointment if you took time to replenish your own self. Come see me for a soothing Raindrop Massage to relieve the tension in your whole body, Reiki or Metamorphosis to help release underlying tension, or any other of the many services I feel blessed to offer all my friends and clients.

Remember: there is only one you and YOU matter! Don’t wait for the new year to start making self-care a regular part of your daily life.

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