Our Sixth Sense

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We all have a sixth sense, also sometimes called intuition or vibes.  Some of us are more aware of this sense, and use it to our advantage.  This sixth sense is our natural inner genius.  You may recognize it as that “gut feeling” you get.  Our largest group of nerve endings is located in our gut, and is called the solar plexus.

We all get those little gut feelings, or thoughts.  Sometimes they can serve as warning signs, if we would just listen and act upon them.  If we are doing, or about to do something and it just doesn’t feel right, then we shouldn’t, even if there isn’t any explanation for these thoughts/feelings.  Usually if we ignore these vibes something “not good” happens, or we miss an opportunity for something better.

You need to free your attention to hear your sixth sense.  You should be mindful to every feeling, thought, and hunch, aha moment, bright idea, and I wonder… you experience as important signs of your sixth sense.

If you want this sense to guide you then you need to be as open to them as possible.  Become flexible in your thinking and actions; learn to go with the flow.  As your sixth sense guides you from moment to moment, it often suggests that you forget your original plans and redirect your course of action, without questioning, without resisting.

To connect to this guiding sense, we have to be mindful to let go of anything heavy, unloving, negative, dramatic or fearful.

Today most of are exhausted, not getting enough rest, too busy and stressed, which causes us to lose awareness of our intuition.  In the dictionary some definitions of intuition are: “to notice”, “to pay attention”.

Ways to active you sixth sense “is to sleep on it” when looking for guidance.  Sleep allows your emotion to rest and the spirit to wake up.  Also you must eat properly if you want to become more in tune with your “vibes”.  You need nutritious food that supports your physical body, as you need energy to focus.  We need to allow ourselves “down time”.  This refreshes our body, and gives us time to refuel, so we can hear that subtle “little voice”.  Our egos keep telling us that we must keep going no matter what, but our spirit knows we should rest.  The world will be ok, even if we take a break, and we will be able to help others more if we are at our optimal potential.

Amazing things happen when we get enough sleep, eat properly, exercise, and take it easy.  Our stress is decreased, we are better natured, have less physical pain because our nerve endings relax, and our spirit rejuvenates and begins to shine.  We are then “grounded”.

You must be grounded to listen and to trust your sixth sense.  When you aren’t grounded you can’t draw enough energy to activate your higher awareness, and it seems like nothing goes right.  We exaggerate our problems, feel insecure, are restless, go in circles, trip over our own feet, can’t focus, spend a lot of energy and get little accomplished.

For fun, try keeping a sixth sensor journal, and just see how many times this sense has served you well.  It’s reassuring knowing that we really do have “help” behind the scenes.

Some of the information shared has been taken from a book by Sonia Choquette called “Trust Your Vibes”.

A Caring Light offers services which can help you relax, become grounded, and more aware of your sixth sense.  This sense can really help make our lives easier and more rewarding.

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